Textbook Tip #2

Tip #2  Buy used books.

This is the most obvious and best way to knock 20-40 % off the retail price of textbooks.

The campus store has a large amount of used books that are in good condition. We do this through our buyback program as well as several used book companies. Because used copies sell the fastest, the earlier you purchase your books the more likely you are able to get a used copy.

You can see if a used book is available through our Online Textbook Ordering website.

Discussion: Where have you found used textbooks? How much money did you save?

Photo used with permission from www.freedigitalphotos.net


About BJU Store

We are the College Store for Bob Jones University, a conservative Christian University in Greenville, SC. We offer quality Christian materials with convenience and trust.
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8 Responses to Textbook Tip #2

  1. KSRae says:

    I have an incoming freshman and she’ll register on the first day the students can be there. Will there be anything left by the time she gets there since she couldn’t get into her schedule at summer orientation or online in July?

    • BJU Store says:

      Do you know if she already has her BJ student email account? If so she can create an account under the textbook tab of http://www.BJUCampusStore.com and find her books by the course she plans to take. She can order her books online that way and be first in line when a used copy is available. We will hold the order for her to pick it up when she arrives on campus in the fall.

  2. KSRae says:

    Well, she’s transferring in after completing her associate’s degree at a local junior college, so we’re not sure what her status will be or ever what her classes will be…

  3. KSRae says:

    Thanks so much for the resources! We’re trying to gather as much as we can so we’ll know where to “look” when we get there. 🙂

  4. KSRae says:

    Will do! I can tell from the pix that have been posted that it’s changed a LOT since we were there in ’78-’82! Can’t wait to see it.

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