Financial Advice for College

What if there was a personal guide that would prepare graduating seniors for their college experience? Now, there is one.

Incoming college freshmen are faced with a new world of challenges, especially financially. During BJU’s Summer Orientation our financial aid office is presenting sessions to help navigate those financial challenges. Supplemental to this presentation we are offering a valuable resource to help prepare students with financial wisdom for their college year.

The Graduate’s Survival Guide is a presentation from Rachel Cruze (daughter of Dave Ramsey) that is entertaining and helpful as she offers advice for the college experience. The package includes a DVD and book presented in a fun and easy Q&A format. Topics covered are:

  • Balancing a Checkbook
  • Collision and Liability Insurance
  • Compound Interest
  • Credit Cards
  • Debt
  • Giving
  • Part-Time Jobs
  • Saving
  • Student Loans

As a special offer for summer orientation The Graduate’s Survival Guide is available for a limited time at only $12.97. It is normally $19.95¬† and is only available at select retailers. Order one online today before we run out!

What financial challenges did you face in College? What financial advice would you give an incoming freshmen?


About BJU Store

We are the College Store for Bob Jones University, a conservative Christian University in Greenville, SC. We offer quality Christian materials with convenience and trust.
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