Textbook Tip #4 Buy the Right Book

Textbook Tim #4        Buy the right book.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but many students trying to get a great deal online search by the title or author and end up getting an older edition, another book entirely, or the book without the required CD that comes with it.

Search for textbooks with the same ISBN number as specified by your professor. Be careful that you are actually purchasing the edition you want.

Because the university professors tell us what to order, you can trust the Campus Store to have exactly what you need. This is our Right Book Guarantee.

Have you ever accidentally bought the wrong book for a class? What was that experience like? How did you resolve it?


About BJU Store

We are the College Store for Bob Jones University, a conservative Christian University in Greenville, SC. We offer quality Christian materials with convenience and trust.
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