Book Review of Reaching Muslims: A One-Stop Guide for Christians

Chatrath, Nick. Reaching Muslims: A One-Stop Guide for Christians.Reaching Muslims

  • Paperback: 159 pages
  • Publisher: Monarch Books, 2011
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-0857210142

This book offers an easy to read, easy to understand process by which we can understand Islam.  One of its most valuable contributions is the author’s addressing the Muslim charge that the Bible has been corrupted and cannot, therefore, offer an accurate picture of the prophets and of Jesus.  Chatrath shows that none of the passages in the Quran say this.  In fact, Muhammad spoke highly of the Scriptures and indicated their value for the Muslim.  The end of the book offers a series of brief “outlines” or short studies that the Christian can use to introduce his Muslim neighbor or friend to the Bible.

Reviewed by: Brian Hand, Ph.D., Professor of New Testament in BJU Seminary.

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