Book Review of Growing Up in Grace

Murray G. Brett, Growing Up in Grace: The Use of Means for Communion with God

This book provides a valuable exploration of the biblical means by which believers may deepen their relationship with God.  It surpasses many devotional books in three areas.  First, from a decisively Scripture-centered perspective it explains the means of grace including humility, confession, repentance, prayer, and obedience.  Second, it provides a valuable bibliography for further reading at the end of each chapter.  The writer has culled some excellent resources on each topic, and by perusing these resources, the reader could savor the best devotional works on each topic for many months.  Third, the book gives highly specific application and examples.
Many devotional books leave the reader with the sense of the writer’s own devotional life without adequately conveying how the reader, too, can draw near to God.  The specificity of Growing Up in Grace (for example, in providing “A Guide for Personal Daily Prayer” and a list of “Sins Seldom Confessed or Repented of) shows the believer a clear path for communing with God.  This book warrants a thoughtful reading.

  • Softcover: 178 pages
  • Publisher: Reformation Heritage Books, 2009
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-1601780614

Reviewed by: Brian Hand, Ph.D., Professor of New Testament in BJU Seminary.
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