Textbook Rental Q & A

As some of you may know the BJU Campus Store is now offering a Textbook Rental program for students who want another way to save on textbooks. We’ve tried to answer some of the questions you may have before you decide to rent your books.  You can find if your book is available to rent at the bjucampusstore.com/textbooks link.

Q & A: Your top questions answered

Q:Do you offer rental extensions?

  • Yes! Need to keep a book a little bit longer than you thought you would? You’ve got it. Just log in to your account and add an extension to your rental term—at the same cheap daily rental rate.

Q: What if I want to keep my book?

  • If you decide you really like this book and you want to hang on to it, go ahead – keep it. You’ll pay just the difference between your rental dues and the purchase price of the book.

Q: Can I write or highlight in my book?

  • Yes! You may write and highlight in your book – just don’t turn every page into a work of art.

Q: How do I return my rental books?

  • Rental returns are easy – and free! To return your books to the store, look for the Rapid ReturnTM   drop-off location. To return books by mail, log into your account and print a free, pre-paid shipping label.

Q: What if I need a refund?

  • With our 5-Star Satisfaction Guarantee, returns are simple. Just log into your account to start the process and return your book within 21 days of ordering. We’ll gladly refund you the full rental price of the book. No questions asked.

Q: Where can I find more help?



About BJU Store

We are the College Store for Bob Jones University, a conservative Christian University in Greenville, SC. We offer quality Christian materials with convenience and trust.
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