Book Review of Sidney & Norman: A Tale of Two Pigs

Who are you like – Sidney or Norman?

Does Norman, a type A, successful businessman with a freshly pressed suit and a confident personality remind you of yourself? Or maybe you’re more like Sidney with his tie slightly askew, sporting a large toothpaste stain right in the middle and wearing a perpetually worried frown. Welcome to the endearing tale of two, very different, neighboring pigs. Sidney & Norman invite you to discover God’s ever present love with them – in a very real way.  The plot is simple. The illustrations are compelling. The message is poignant. In this heartfelt tale, author Phil Vischer, masterfully captivates his audience with the reality of God’s unconditional love. Suitable for audiences young and old, this book will have you intrigued by the character’s descriptions of themselves and will cause you to reflect on how much their personalities are much like your own. So, are you like Sidney or Norman? What message of love does God have for you? Read this timeless tale to find out!

This book was reviewed by Amber Houk, a Campus Store staff member, who enjoys sharing the joy of reading with children and adults alike.

Sidney & Norman: A Tale of Two Pigs is available at


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