Book Review: Reasons for Our Hope

H. Wayne House and Dennis W. Jowers, Reasons for Our Hope: An Introduction to Christian Apologetics

House and Jowers have done a masterful job of presenting a theological, historical, and philosophical primer on Christian apologetics.  The authors survey the major types of apologetics, the significant apologetic arguments, the greatest hurdles that apologetics must overcome, and the strongest objections to faith with a sound rebuttal for each objection.  House and Jowers do not come down strongly in favor of a single perspective on apologetics (presuppositional or evidential), but they exhibit a significant depth of understanding of these apologetic systems and their appropriate use.
Reasons for Our Hope divides into four major parts: apologetic methodologies and systems, apologetics in Scripture and history, apologetic problems, and how to use apologetics in engaging the world.  Each section exhibits cohesion in its theme and practical applicability in its tone.
Some apologetics texts treat these apologetic issues on a more popular level or argue for one system of apologetics or another.  Reasons for Our Hope reads as an engaging, wide-ranging textbook, reference work, or manual on all the crucial issues of apologetics.  House and Jowers write on an intermediate level—accessible enough for many introductory students of apologetics, but thorough enough in presentation to be valuable for many advanced readers.  I envision its being used by college and seminary students who will find a valuable introduction to the important terms, systems, and arguments that pertain to the field of apologetics.  Reasons for Our Hope will also serve as a wonderful reference tool for believers who wish to address crucial objections made by our modern culture against the truth claims of Christianity.

  • Softcover: 444 pages
  • Publisher: B & H Academic, 2011
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-0805444810

Reviewed by: Brian Hand, Ph.D., Professor of New Testament in BJU Seminary.
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