Book Review of How Jesus Runs the Church

Guy Prentiss Waters, How Jesus Runs the Church 

How Jesus Runs the Church is a book about Presbyterian church government. The title may sound a bit cheeky to those, such as myself, who are not Presbyterian. Waters is making a serious point with the title, however. Since Jesus is the Lord of the church, the form of church government is not left to the discretion of the members. Waters therefore seeks to demonstrate how the Presbyterian from of church government is grounded in Scripture. How Jesus Runs the ChurchHe also acquaints readers with older Presbyterian literature on ecclesiology. Though those with differing denominational convictions will find plenty to disagree with, Waters’s clear writing style and effort to ground his view of church government makes him an ideal “conversation partner.”

Review written by Dr. Brian Collins and you can read his blog Exegesis and Theology

This book is available at

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